Since, living in Las Vegas I have met many individuals from around the world. One individual is a European client of mine into sploshing, water sports and medical play. After our first engagement, we had amazing chemistry which led to our next session a few months later. As we planned our second engagement, we exchanged several extensive emails detailing what we both wanted to do. We both felt comfortable pushing his limits, and boy did I do it!

The night of our session, which was going to last four intensive hours, I spent most of the day preparing with such excitement. Once he arrived at my studio, we began almost immediately. I had sent him on a mission to purchase a few items for me to use. He was quite a sight to arrive with a large Whole Foods grocery bag filled to the brim with goodies. I know, you're thinking "why a Whole Foods bag?". Let's not forget, he's into sploshing which is a fetish revolving around the use of food. Since he was open to exploring a medical scene where I would use him as if he was a lab rat, I sent him to the bathroom of my studio to change into a medical gown. As he walked out, I preceded to place over his head a polish gas mask with a long breathing tube. He was bound by the wrists with German police handcuffs at the front of his torso. I sat him down as I began to dowse a napkin with poppers. The napkin then went over the end of the breathing tube, causing him to inhale the fumes. As he did so, I grabbed a pre-rolled joint along with a lighter. Deviously I lit the joint, took a long drag but not inhaling it myself, then I blew the smoke into the breathing tube. I went back and forth, interchanging from the poppers to my smoke. Eventually my little lab rat was light headed and ready to be cuffed down for “Dr Sin” to begin her experiments. Spread out on my bondage bed, restrained from all four appendages and with a dental gag in his mouth, I prepped his genitalia for my electrical equipment. I use a PES Electro box and it comes with many attachments to deliciously torment or tease.

At this point, I laid out all the items he brought with him in the grocery bag on a stand. Meticulously, I began to use different items to see if he could ingest it forcefully. Crushed fruit was used, yogurt, spit, salt, lemon juice and a mixture of mineral water with baking soda. He gagged and wretched multiple times. Each time he did so, the intensity of the PES power box went up, forcing him to take whatever I gave him, or more so swallow. All the while, I kept blowing smoke in his face, constantly keeping him a lovely loopy little mess. One would think the fun was coming close to an end, but during a moment where I took a fifteen-minute break, I prepped my bathroom for a very special medical procedure I am fond off. I set out all the necessary implements to give my lab rat the proper enema he needed. Of course, being that this session revolved around food play, the enema was going to be a mixture of milk and eggs. Yes, milk and eggs. I know it sounds like I was going to make an omelet. So, I first admired what my lab rat looked like, and then walked over to uncuff him from the bed and lead him into the bathroom. Upon having him get up I placed his wrists in handcuffs once again, and he stumbled behind me as I led him into my bathtub. Clinically and gracefully I pulled on my rubber gloves, began filling the bag with the milky egg mixture and rolled over the clinical stand on which the enema was dangling from. Strictly ordering my lab rat to bend over, I lubed up the tip that was headed straight for his anus. Once it entered, I allowed the fluid to flow from the bag, down the tube and into his body. He was forced to take all that he could and hold it in for at least five minutes or longer. My filthy little lab rat pleased me well. He held out until I ordered him to release the fluid. He was also allowed to touch himself for being an obedient pig. Eventually, he was bursting from both ends, to say the least. At the end of the session, we were both very happy and I was proud of him for enduring.

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