For years, I’ve had a devoted submissive who came to me looking for a dominatrix who could truly push his limits. He’d been around in New York and seen a few dominas here and there but nothing that fulfilled his masochistic needs. He presented himself as very polite, quiet, and respectable gentleman. I fondly remember the first time we met. I’ll call him Slave P. We went over all the details over a few phone conversations, then on the date of our engagement, he showed up at my studio ready to submit to me. His desires were to be used as a whipping boy for his Mistress. He loved what we call in the BDSM world, “hard sports” and no safe words. I have no problem with that type of play but I always ensure that my sub is in the proper headspace to enter this level of play as well as submission. I must say the chemistry between Slave P and I was just magical. As the session began, I proceeded in a cold detached manner ordering him to undress for me and kneel at my feet. I was covered in leather from head to toe as he kissed my thigh high boots. After enjoying boot worship, I walked over to my table of equipment, grabbing rope. I bound him wrists to ankles on my studio floor with a hood over his face and a collar around his neck. Encircling him like an Apex Predator, I teased him with my whip. I knew what he was thinking. He told me before that usually most dominas could not handle the level of corporal punishment he was looking for. He probably thought this was as hard as it was going to get, but I like to take my time to build up to a great crescendo as an artist. I began whipping him harder and harder. Suddenly the lashes began to get louder and louder as I thrashed his body from all angles. I kept encircling him, with music playing in the background, eventually it became a beautiful dance between us. As a sadist, I love pain on so many levels, emotional and physical. With the right person, the physical aspects drive me wild igniting my inner fire. This happened with Slave P. His body became mine, I did what I wanted. He looked so lovely laying there quivering and sweating as the play got heavier. I knew for a moment we were both on a mental level that few understand. We just clicked. At the end of his session with me, his body was covered with lashes and marks as I untied my frail yet energized bitch. Taking off his hood, collar, I caressed his face with an evil smile on my face. I walked over to my bathroom, grabbing a cool wet wash cloth to provide him some relief from my whipping. He appreciated my after care like a good submissive and adored my boots once again. I will forever remember the look in his eyes. It said it all to me. He found the one and from then on he has never left my side. I use him when I need to relieve my stress. I may love sensual domination, but sometimes I need a heavy player to satisfy my lifestyle inclinations.

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