“Slave Finn” has been devoted to me for some time now and after what I did to him, his devotion will be forever. As I write this, I fondly recall how it all happened. He desperately tried to get my attention and did everything he could to impress me to “own” him. What does “owning” someone mean? It means this person carries a mark of some sort that signifies the devotion to ones dominant. You sacrifice yourself. You become hers and hers alone. You become a piece of property to me. With that said, the whole beautiful process happened a few weeks after Valentine’s Day. It was quite appropriate too since I told him he was to be my Valentine that evening. Of course, being my Valentine means you are going to be my bitch!

He flew in on a Friday to see me for what had become our usual dinner and a session on the strip. I suppose it’s our version of Netflix and chill! As we headed down to dinner, I could see a glimmer in his eyes. That glimmer was always there but just even more so intense this evening. This glimmer carried over as we found ourselves back in the hotel room of a luxury casino. He was on his knees holding a glass of champagne. I teased him for attempting to get a Frenum piercing but it failed. He had done it without telling me in hopes of impressing me but his body rejected it. I told him that if he truly wanted to prove his devotion, he must get a Prince Albert. A Prince Albert goes right through the cock head and the urethra. Yes, I said urethra. You basically have to sit down to urinate or learn to aim all over again!

Well aware of the consequences, as I sipped my champagne and toyed with him, he gave in to my demanding desires. Arrogantly I blew smoke from my vaporizer into his mouth, then a “Mistress Kisses”. Spitting into his mouth is a special kiss I give Slave Finn when he’s a good boy for me. After that, I quickly looked up the appropriate piercing shop and found a few. As I ordered him to get dressed so that we could go out, I analyzed his every move. He was just so willing to do this for me and his willingness fed my sadism! I was running on a natural high and I knew he was too. Our euphoria was briefly jilted when we arrived at the first piercing shop and were told they did not have the right size. It was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted him to be my property by morning! My determination led us to the second shop of choice, who was equipped to get the job done. I had a sense of calm literally come over me then an arousal of senses. This was it and I was giddy like a school girl.

I must say it was quite interesting to see my sub on the piercing bed, with his pants lowered and a male piercist handling his private bits, soon to be mine. I was proud of him as he showed no signs of shame, just looking at his Mistress with a smile and a glimmer in his deep blue eyes. Slave Finn may be my hypnotized toy but he knows when to “man up” for me. Holding his hand, I watched as a steel rod went inside his urethra to steady his piece to be properly pierced. The needle went in, blood flowed profusely, his hand squeezing mine and finally he was truly owned! At about 1:45am on a drizzly Saturday morning, I became the owner of “Slave Finn”. I was so high floating in “domme space”, it was impossible to bring me down. Every day I truly love waking up and knowing that a man was willing to do this for me. Every morning I make sure to remind him or tease him in some way. It’s deepened our bond as a domme/sub. I wouldn’t do this with just anyone either. Now, he’s a happy boy constantly reminded of who owns his manhood, and trust me, it really has made him a better man.

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