I’ve met many couples over the years. Usually the wife is the one who is looking to orchestrate the session. I had such a wife email me once interested in a session involving multiple individuals. Sometimes the wife is submissive and sometimes she wants to learn how to be a proper dominant. In this case, she was a sub. Her request was to have an audience or at least a submissive present, watching as I dominated her along with a master all the while, teaching her husband how to dominate her. All this was to take place in three hours at the couple’s hotel room. A tall order, but nothing to sweat over for me. After a few emails and a phone conversation, we had the evening planned out.

I contacted a master I know and secured one of my lifestyle subs to participate in the session. My submissive and I were to meet the couple at their hotel after they had been out clubbing with a courtesan. As we waited in the lobby, we watched them go up to their room. After fifteen minutes we followed, texting the wife that I was on my way. Immediately she was there to greet me before I could even knock on the door. The chemistry was just great as we all sat around ironing out the last minute details and ensuring that everyone in the room felt safe as well as comfortable. The ladies went into the bedroom of the suite while my sub and I went into the guest bathroom where I proceeded to change into a latex outfit with his assistance. Afterwards I had placed a hood over his head where only his eyes, nose, and lips were exposed. He assisted me in unpacking my equipment, then was instructed to stand in a corner as if he were an inanimate object. From there I walked over to the ladies, separating them. I instructed the courtesan to stand next to the husband and the wife was to stay with me. Everything I did to the wife, the husband was instructed to do the same to the courtesan as I observed. From sensually teasing the wife with nipple play while she was bound, to spanking her, the husband followed. I corrected him when needed. Eventually the courtesan left as I continued to dominate the wife in front of her husband. The master came in and began to dominate the wife with me. The husband continued to watch as the master took control over his sexy wife. He fingered her, to the point of making her ejaculate for the first time. After that I fucked the wife hard with my strap on. She squirted again and was begging for her husband’s cock. Eventually I allowed him to penetrate her, ordering him to fuck her hard, just how she likes it. It was a beautiful thing to watch her cum so hard and be submissive to both of us. At that time the submissive and the master were out of the room, so it was just us three in that moment. Afterwards the three of us were recovering from an amazing three hours of living out their fantasy as best as possible. I see them often, and we’re constantly coming up with new scenes.

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