Interviewed by Rico Montana for SINFUL Magazine

Whitney Wright is no girl next door, but she’s the girl you wish lived next door to you. With a wild sex life before entering porn, Whitney continues being a bad girl with several anal scenes coming up, including her first on-camera anal with multi-award winning studio, Tushy.com.


SINFUL: What’s the most SINFUL thing you’ve ever done in your private life, sexually speaking?
Whitney: The most sinful thing I've ever done in my private life would probably be participating in swinger’s parties… participating in a lot of them. [Laughs] Anywhere from hot tub orgies in Cancun to sex swings and bondage crosses in Vegas. All involving several men and women and alcohol. I had a pretty wild life before porn.

SINFUL: Tell me who the real Whitney Wright is, the person you are off set?
Whitney: The real Whitney is laid-back, loves to laugh and joke around, likes to try new things and go to new places, and loves sex. Just like my real-life persona, they're very similar. I love talking to new people and going to events and mingling and having a good time with my friends. I'm extremely goofy and don't think that I get to show that side on camera, of course. But as soon as the director yells cut, I'm pretty much laughing and joking with everyone, in addition to taking behind the scenes photos/snaps.

SINFUL: Before doing porn did you cam or do anything adult-related?
Whitney: I was a dancer. I danced in Oklahoma, Texas, New York and Miami. I love dancing! In addition to pole dancing, I also did lyra and aerial silks.

SINFUL: When did you realize that porn was something you wanted to do and why was porn something you wanted to do?
Whitney: I always based a lot of my decisions on last-minute impulses. The idea to do porn pretty much came to me when I was reading a magazine article about a girl who started doing it and loved it. I looked around on the Internet and applied, then got the call and discussed it with the person who is now my agent, then made the move as soon as I got back from vacation.

SINFUL: What were your goals when you first started and have you been able to check anything off so far?
Whitney: Coming out here, my only goal was to "make it" in the industry. Which, now being in the industry for seven months, I realize that it's an ongoing process. You must stay engaged and constantly be setting goals for yourself and doing things that you know we're going to bring you closer to those goals. For me, "making it" isn't something that happens and then it stays that way. You must constantly work at it and then stay on top of your game week after week. My first actual goal was to do my first anal scene for Tushy. Once I achieve that I felt so satisfied, and I'm still proud of myself. Now it's onto the next goal.

SINFUL: Can you tell us about your anal scene for Tushy.com?
Whitney: I had so much fun that day. The whole crew and my scene partner helped me feel prepped and relaxed and I was very grateful for that. Every detail was taken care of and I thought that the pictures and scene came out well.

SINFUL: Will there be more anal scenes coming up for you soon?
Whitney: Oh absolutely. I've already filmed five more anal scenes since then and have many more scheduled. It takes some getting used to but it gets easier, but my last two were so great and went so smoothly.

SINFUL: Did you have anal before coming into porn and were they good or bad experiences?
Whitney: Back when I was younger I had some bad experiences with anal sex. When you're that young you don't really know what to do and are nervous because it's the first time. So, when my boyfriend and I of four years tried to do it without lube and when I was tensed up, that obviously didn't go well at all. I was just afraid to do it. But now that I'm more experienced in anal and do it more, I love it. I love the feeling and pressure that I get when I'm being fucked in the ass, and then I love when my guy takes it out and sticks it in my pussy and fucks me there, and switches back-and-forth. They both have completely different but enjoyable sensations, and I love mixing it up.

SINFUL: What makes a guy a good fuck?
Whitney: This is a difficult one and I think my relationship status has me biased. But isn't that how most people are? If you asked me that when I was single I probably would've gave you with the generic answer of "The guy must have a good dick, good rhythm, and eye contact." Now that I'm seeing someone, it's totally different. I think the factors that make a guy a good fuck is a good dick, good rhythm, eye contact, filthiness when it's time to be sexy and dirty, and touching and closeness when it's time to be sensual and passionate. And I would say that it helps a girl to be with a guy who knows the girl and what she likes, and what her limits are because it's just going to make the sex so much better.

SINFUL: What makes a girl a good fuck?
Whitney: That can be up to the discretion of the guy, but I would have to say that willingness to experiment, eye contact, foreplay and teasing before actual sex, being vocal and telling your guy how good he's making you feel and how you love what he's doing to you, and energy are all factors that come to my mind when I'm thinking of what makes a girl a good fuck.

SINFUL: If there’s one thing sexually you wish you did better, what would you say that is?
Whitney: Deep throating. I want to work on that for sure. Maybe even have my gag reflex totally removed. [Laughs]

SINFUL: What’s your sexual specialty?
Whitney: I know this is going to sound weird and not like a specialty at all, but I'm going to say that dirty talk in missionary would probably be my specialty. I just love locking eyes with the person and just saying nasty, dirty things to them while I'm looking them in the eye and then watching their eyes light up then roll back into their head as they try not to cum. I love that moment where they must slow down or pull out so they don't cum right then during a scene.

SINFUL: How often do you have sex outside of porn?
Whitney: Very often. [Laughs] And it's just as dirty.

SINFUL: Do you watch porn and what kind of porn are you into?
Whitney: I don't really watch porn in my personal life, but when I play with myself and get off the fastest is remembering fucking the person (I'm in a relationship with) mouth to pussy to ass and then repeat. I know, I'm such a romantic. [Laughs] But yeah, love the insertion and spanking and choking. And I don't do it much anymore but I really love being slapped in the face in missionary. Unless I'm going down on the guy, then slapping me in the face with your dick is fine. [Laughs]

SINFUL: Do you have any fetishes?
Whitney: Basically, anything that involves pain I am going to be really into. I'm a bit demented.

SINFUL: What’s the ultimate award you want to win and why?
Whitney: One day it would be nice to win female performer or a similar award. I feel like I have some ways to go but I believe I have the potential to get there.

SINFUL: If you had any negative experiences in the industry, how did you learn from it?
Whitney: I've learned that you can’t trust everyone in the industry. But you know it's the same in any profession that you're in. There's always going to be gossips and people that are jealous of your success in any career field. I've had people that I thought were my friends start horrible rumors about me and just shit talk me to almost everyone that she met. It's a little disheartening. Especially because everyone I meet is a friend. I've always been super friendly, charismatic, and especially eager to please everyone from the get go. And if you're my friend, there's nothing I won't do for you. You could probably go onto my Twitter and see retweet after retweet of girls that aren't me, just because I consider them my friends and want to see them succeed too, and I have several directors and companies following me and if I can help them in any way, I'll do it. It's a competitive industry but we can all succeed and make money without having to throw other girls under the bus. So, while people have their agendas, I think that for every bad person you meet in this industry, there's five more genuine great people that are there to give you advice, support, friendship and guidance. And I love that so much. I would have to say the good experiences outweigh the bad experiences.

SINFUL: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Whitney: My ultimate sexual fantasy is drinking by myself at a bar, getting picked up by a guy after we talk about each other and each other’s lives for hours, and he takes me home, throws me around like a ragdoll, and just completely dominates me and fucks me like he's about to get 10 to life the next day [Laughs] and has me put my legs over my head in missionary while he puts his hand around my throat, and gives me a wild, animalistic look like he's only using me for his pleasure, makes me cum over and over again, and then drives his dick deep, deep inside me and fills me up with all the cum he's been holding back. Then he lays next to me, we cuddle till we fall asleep, then go to bottomless mimosas brunch in the morning.

SINFUL: What final words do you have for the SINFUL readers?
Whitney: Thank you for supporting me and reading this article to continuation. I love doing interviews and getting these different questions that allow me to really open up and re-focus on what I'm out here doing, how I'm doing, and how far I've come. I'm so grateful for all of it and I appreciate opportunities to reflect and open up a little bit of my life to you all. Thank you SINFUL for interviewing me and thank you to the fans as well!

Get to know more about Whitney by visiting her website, whitneywrightxxx.com. Follow her on Twitter @whitneywrightx and on her Instagram at whitneywright_x.

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