Tasha Reign is a Beautiful Busty Blonde Bombshell with a jaw dropping body and movie star looks. Her on screen wild performances and sizzling sex appeal will leave you speechless.



SINFUL: How did you get into the porn industry?
Tasha: I got into the porn industry because I had been watching adult videos online and I had always looked up to sexually liberated women, and I wanted to be naked in front of the camera professionally, so I sought out an agency and dove right in.

SINFUL: You’re absolutely jaw dropping, you got the beautiful body, the stunning face, you must have driven the boy’s wild at school, and the girls jealous?
Tasha: Thanks! I came into my own after high school really, during that time though I had a boyfriend nearly full time and a tight group of friends.

SINFUL: What were you like in high school?
Tasha: I was "cool" because we had a reality show on campus that I was in, my family was really fun and I loved high school. I am still super close with all the girls and visit home occasionally, currently planning my 10 year reunion!

SINFUL: When and how did you lose your virginity?
Tasha: That’s one secret I'll never tell (smiles).

SINFUL: What were you like sexually after losing your virginity?
Tasha: I was monogamous with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, but I always loved sex.

SINFUL: Naughtiest thing you done before you hit 18?
Tasha: I had sex in one of my parent's car, I partied pretty hard... and overall I was a good kid.

SINFUL: Did you fuck a lot of guys before porn?
Tasha: I did in fact.

SINFUL: Do you watch porn, if so what type of porn is your favorite?
Tasha: I do! I like watching incest porn. I don’t even perform in that genre really, but it is hot!

SINFUL: What was your first porn scene like? How were the nerves and what were you feeling?
Tasha: My first porn scene was epic. I got to work for Penthouse and with Ash Hollywood. This was my first ever girl/girl sex experience too. I was just taken back and excited, but also confused, overall I loved it.

SINFUL: What’s the best sexual experience you have ever had outside of the film world?
Tasha: Great question. Recently a performer came over and fucked me under the stars on my balcony, and that was fucking amazing.

SINFUL: Kinkiest place you’ve had sex?
Tasha: A boat on a lake, a faux frat party, the middle of the desert, so many great places - non in my personal life (laughs)!

SINFUL: Are you a dominant or submissive person outside the film world?
Tasha: I am most submissive sexually outside of the real world. More dominant now in my regular day to day life outside of sex.

SINFUL: How often do you masturbate?
Tasha: Every day usually, duh.

SINFUL: Over the years you’ve taken some big cock, what’s the biggest you’ve taken and how did it feel?
Tasha: You are damn right! I believe Peter North was one of the biggest, and the late Billy Glide. I love a thick cock, thicker the better, they feel filling.

SINFUL: On screen, is there something you haven’t done yet, that you’d like to do?
Tasha: I have pushed myself pretty hard and for 7 years, I recently did my first gang bang for Elegant Angel and www.tashareign.com, so I am set for now (smiles).

SINFUL: You’ve done double penetration, does it hurt or is it pure pleasure having a cock in each whole?
Tasha: Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it feels pleasurable - thus is sex.

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a scene in an adult scene with?
Tasha: I would love to fuck Channing Tatum, he is meant for the adult business... he was in it, so I just want him to return!

SINFUL: For any person reading this who hasn’t seen you perform, what’s one scene or movie they gotta watch?
Tasha: Oh my goodness, HARD REIGN 2, out now by Elegant Angel. It features my first gang bang and a handful of amazing scenes of yours truly!

SINFUL: What’s your favorite fuck position?
Tasha: Doggy Style is everything, I call it lazy dog because I use my Hitachi vibrator and lay on my stomach.

SINFUL: A guy is about to blow his load, where do you want it to land?
Tasha: Depends who… I really love a cream pie.

SINFUL: Spit or Swallow?
Tasha: Swallow, spitting is for suckers!

SINFUL: What gets you wet, what drives you insanely horny?
Tasha: I love getting eaten out, such a turn on.

SINFUL: What are your turn offs?
Tasha: Bad smells, bad breath, bad manners. Bad, bad bad.

SINFUL: How about a tip for our female readers, what’s the secret to the perfect blowjob?
Tasha: I believe you need to be consistent and gain speed, use both hand and mouth and make eye contact.

SINFUL: What’s the best chemistry you’ve had on screen, where the guy made you cum hard?
Tasha: I have had great chemistry with Danny Mountain, as he's so pretty and fucks really well.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Tasha: I have, because the rates were not high enough or the content looked like something I wouldn't want to do. You learn so much as a model in 7 years, when it comes to your limits and comfort zone, it can be exploitive but there is no real manual.

SINFUL: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has asked for or asked you to do?
Tasha: I mean I love my #Reigndeer and I don’t find their requests weird, just flattering.

SINFUL: What does it feel like to have men and women all over the world masturbate over you?
Tasha: My ego needs a day off.

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Tasha: I am a hardcore feminist.

SINFUL: What in store for you in future?
Tasha: I am opening up a store in West Hollywood called "Basic Bitch".

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Tasha: @tashareign on twitter! @tashareign1 on instagram, and tashareign1@Gmail.com for email!

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