Interviewed by Elie for SINFUL Magazine

Stunning sensation Shavelle Love has got that unforgettable face that makes your jaw drop. Her beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes and luscious lips makes it very hard to look away.


SINFUL: Thank you for the interview, what were you doing prior to the porn industry?
Shavelle: (laughs) I was actually working at Starbucks and was about to be promoted to manager, but decided I'd rather do porn.

SINFUL: What attracted you to get into the industry?
Shavelle: Oh I've always kinda been curious about it, and my ex at the time told me I should do porn (laughs), I was like "fuck it, I've always wanted it anyways".

SINFUL: When and how did you lose your virginity?
Shavelle: (laughs) I lost it when I was around 13-14 years old and in the backseat of a car, (laughs) definitely not the greatest.

SINFUL: You’re hot, you got a sexy body, beautiful face, you must have had guys lining up trying to date you at school and the girls jealous?
Shavelle: Awh thanks. (laughs) I honestly didn't. I wasn't very sexy when I was in school.

SINFUL: What’s the naughtiest thing you done before you hit 18?
Shavelle: I'd go to the park with my ex and we'd fuck in the tennis court (laughs).

SINFUL: Did you watch porn prior to being a pornstar, what kind of porn was your favorite?
Shavelle: OMG yes! Who doesn't!? (laughs) I used to watch a lot of passionate porn when I was younger. I just loved to see the passion and moans.

SINFUL: You’re about to shoot your first fucking scene, what was going through your head?
Shavelle: I was nervous as fuck! Like seriously shaking (laughs), but it ended up being one of my favorite scenes till this day (smiles), so it wasn't horrible (laughs).

SINFUL: You’ve done the gangbang thing, what’s it feel like having men all around you taking turns trying to fuck you?
Shavelle: I had always wanted to do a gangbang and it was a lot of fun. It was a lil’ overwhelming at times. I did have like 5-6 dudes all over me (laughs).

SINFUL: Do you ever sit back and watch yourself on screen?
Shavelle: I actually used to watch my scenes (laughs). I wanted to see how I perform and try to improve on the things I didn't like. I haven't watched one in a while though.

SINFUL: What’s the one scene you’ve done that you would recommend our readers to watch?
Shevelle: Oooh I actually just did a scene with Team Skeet! It was a daddy daughter swap fuck. It was amazing and I think my fans are going to love it when it comes out. I know I did (laughs).

SINFUL: You’ve taken some big cock, what’s the biggest you’ve taken and how did it feel?
Shavelle: OMG I'll never forget. It was my second scene ever and it was with Buddy Hollywood. His cock is huge! Like insanely huge, but once it's in... it feels amazing. We actually fucked off camera at my place before (laughs), he's a Vegas local like me.

SINFUL: On the subject of big cock, does size matter?
Shavelle: Oooh yeah it does. If a guy has a small cock, I won't fuck them, and then I'll just ghost ‘em (laughs). I know what it takes to keep me satisfied, and there's no point hooking up with someone who can't.

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence.
Shavelle: Very goofy, weird and isn't judgmental at all.

SINFUL: Best thing of being a pornstar?
Shavelle: All the cock I get to suck... AND of course my fans (smiles).

SINFUL: Worst thing about being a pornstar?
Shavelle: Haters (laughs), you get a lot of them.

SINFUL: What the craziest sexual experience you’ve had outside the film world?
Shavelle: (laughs) I wouldn't say crazy, but a few threesomes with B list celebrities.

SINFUL: Is there a sexual fantasy you have yet to fulfill?
Shavelle: OMG yeah! I wanna get DP'd in my personal life with 2 sexy, buff, pretty boys.

SINFUL: Are you a dominant or submissive person outside the film world?
Shavelle: I would say I'm more submissive, but I do take charge sometimes.

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a fuck scene with?
Shavelle: Umm Eminem duh! He's been my crush since Forever!

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sexual position?
Shavelle: Oooh I just recently discovered one while fucking in the shower, just standing up and the guy goes as deep as possible. OMG, I don’t know how to explain it, but it's amazing.

SINFUL: A guy is about to blow his load, where do you want it to land?
Shavelle: In my mouth of course! I love cum!

SINFUL: Spit of Swallow?
Shavelle: (laughs) swallow obviously.

SINFUL: Speaking of blowjobs, and a tip for female readers, what’s the secret to the perfect blowjob?
Shavelle: Make sure your teeth are covered by your lips, and use that tongue.

SINFUL: What gets you horny, what gets you wet?
Shavelle: This is gonna sound weird but chemistry does. Nothing is more of a turn on than connecting with someone your about to fuck.

SINFUL: What are your turn offs?
Shavelle: When a guy smells. Keep yourself clean! Especially the ass.

SINFUL: How about a tip for the male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do a threesome with another girl?
Shavelle: Just joke about it here and there when you're both drinking and try to see how she reacts.

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Shavelle: I once did a lesbian scene with Makayla Cox and it was a weird pretending to cook someone fetish (laughs), let's just say I ended up on a silver platter.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Shavelle: Yes I have. I won't do shitting or throwing up scenes. That's kinda gross

SINFUL: What does it feel like to have men and women all over the world masturbate over you?
Shavelle: Honestly feels amazing that people masturbate to my scenes. I love it!

SINFUL: Craziest or creepiest thing a fan has asked you to do or asked for?
Shavelle: A Skype show where I throw up (laughs).

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Shavelle: I was born and raised in Las Vegas (smiles).

SINFUL: What’s in store for you in the future?
Shavelle: Who knows, honestly I hope I get my chance to work with Mark Spiegler one day.

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Shavelle: They can email me

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