Hot lil' sexbomb Moka Mora has the tight ass, petite body and stunning face which makes her the dominant star that she is. She talks about her first threesome and how she wants to be Eiffel Towered.


SINFUL: How did you get your start into the adult world?
Moka: My car broke, behind on bills, couldn't afford new equipment for my lab, and was struggling financially as a full time student. My grades were fine, but I was more financially stressed than ever. I had no money, and no time for a day to day job without consistently barely making enough to get by. I knew the only way I could afford a new car would be to make some kind of change in career. It wasn't that all different from camming either.

SINFUL: Why porn? Most females think of all different careers but not fuck on screen?
Moka: My boyfriend and I had visited The Amory [Kink] for a halloween event one year. We really enjoyed it and also watched some of Kink's videos online. So when I brought up my finances, and how I wanted to try it. He was completely supportive of my decision, and encouraging. I felt safer and more confident doing something so strange and new to me because I knew no matter what, he would be there for me and love me.

SINFUL: You’re about to shoot your first scene, what’s going through your head?
Moka: I was shy, nervous, didn't know what to expect or know what was going to happen. I knew Kink was known to do some extreme things, I just didn't know what they had in store for me. Which after, I felt great! After that, I knew there was nothing I had to fear and had professionals taking care of me.

SINFUL: What were you doing prior to entering the adult industry?
Moka: I was telemarketing and camming. I did everything, including full time student online.

SINFUL: Do you watch yourself on screen, is it weird when you sit back and watch one of your adult scenes?
Moka: My boyfriend and I watch them together sometimes. He LOVES all my work. I honestly can't stop laughing at myself, because I know what happened when behind the scenes. I can focus on things I say or mess up on to make my art better the next time I shoot. I guess you can say I focus a lot on the technical and aesthetic aspects of my work.

SINFUL: Which has been your favorite scene you’ve done to date?
Moka: My favorite scene by far was my first one I ever did. It was a Kink shoot, where I was able to be a part of making the parody of The Crucible movie. I was put on trial as a witch. My favorite part about it was when they threw tomatoes, eggs, and lettuce at me while calling me "Devil Whore" and "Devil Slut" while on a noose. I always loved witch stories, and was a witch many Halloweens. So when the opportunity arose, I was super stoked to be a part of something like that. To this day, even when I re-watch that video, it's one piece of art I am very proud of.

SINFUL: You’re involved in the fetish side of filming, do you prefer to be submissive or dominant?
Moka: I am naturally and personally prefer dominant. In the industry, you have to start as submissive before becoming a dominant. Because there's no better way to understand how being a submissive feels or what your submissive will like without the experience of being one. All the best dominants know and understand their submissives. If you are not an intuitive or understanding dominant, that is how you can hurt someone.

SINFUL: You’ve done quite a bit of anal scenes, what is it you enjoy about anal?
Moka: I love my ass being touched, rubbed, squeezed, licked, bit, grabbed or played with. It's definitely one of my best assets. Doing anal really gives a great reason for my partner/performer to play and focus on that area.

SINFUL: You’ve also done double penetration, what’s it feel like for you to have a cock in each whole at the same time?
Moka: It's amazing and very empowering. Nothing makes you feel more wanted/admired that more than one guy hard for you at the same time.

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Moka: Punctual, responsible, coordinated, flexible, caring, passionate, intelligent, ambitious, and determined.

SINFUL: Best thing of being a pornstar?
Moka: You have more financial freedoms, you get to explore your personal fetishes in a safe and comfortable environment, you get paid to play, and you never have to do anything you don't want to do.

SINFUL: Worst thing about being pornstar?
Moka: Enimas, or working for people. Enimas, imodium and waiting to eat till after set can be nauseating. But working for someone could suck if they are in a bad mood, terrible at communicating with you, or just a shady person trying to get the most out of you for less.

SINFUL: When did you lose your virginity?
Moka: I was 17 1/2.

SINFUL: What were you like sexually after losing your virginity?
Moka: I wanted to fuck all the time, always horny, and wanted to try new stuff with new people.

SINFUL: How many guys did you sleep with before porn?
Moka: 23 men and 18 women.

SINFUL: Any wild sex stories from your younger days?
Moka: I had an ex that was a scientist like myself. We were both into yoga, and doing acrobatic sex poses. He would tie me up and gag me in the most artistic bondage poses. Which not only bondage rope, but also yoga ropes sometimes. He would make me look at myself in the mirror while he teased me, and fucked me. He would also get pictures of me naked to show me how beautiful I was, and how much I looked like art. He was more of the dominant type. Later I dated a submissive man who allowed me to explore my dominant side to him. Whether it be pet play (walking him around with leash and collar while he's on all fours), tying him up with bondage ropes, using him like furniture, doing all forms of body worship, eat sushi off him while bound, foot fetishes, heel worship and more. He also opened me up to gangbangs and DP's. Our first threesome was with his best friend, which was a lot of fun and made us both more comfortable because we knew him for so long. Which I also got on video to remember our first threesome. Still hoping to be Eiffel Towered some day though!

SINFUL: What’s a sexual fantasy you have yet to fulfill?
Moka: I want to be Eiffel Towered some day, have 5 or more guys in a gangbang, tentacle rape (like in hentai), or have sex in fake blood.

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do an adult scene with?
Moka: Felicia Day, she gives me a nerd boner.

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sex position?
Moka: Cowgirl, because I like to be on top and in control.

SINFUL: What gets you horny, what gets you wet?
Moka: The thought of creampies, idea of cum, and passionate sex. I am latin, I love pasión.

SINFUL: What turns you off?
Moka: When people talk too much.

SINFUL: How about a tip for our female readers, what would you wear to seduce a man?
Moka: Less clothes is not always the best, you want to tease but not reveal completely. Wear something that compliments your physical phasic. If you have wide shoulders, wear off shoulder lingerie. If you love your booty, wear bottoms that compliment and show off how round and perky it is. If he's a foot guy, wear open toe heels, foot chain, thigh highs, or lace revealing socks.

SINFUL: Now a tip for the male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do a threesome with another girl?
Moka: I don't think it's the guys decision to pick a girl, the decision should be left up to the female partner to pick her own gender of which one should be in the threesome. Same for the guy. If the couple were to do a M/M/W threesome, it's only fare that the male pick the other gender to be working with to get this one girl of. Team work makes the dream work. You want the male to pick the male because you don't know if they will be cool with each other. And it they start fighting, it won't be a great experience. Same for the women getting competitive. Which has happened on set during some B/G/G shoots I have heard.
As for bringing it up, there’s no easy way to say you want to have sex with another woman. I think the best and safest way to bring up a threesome would to let the same gender partner bring it up. If the female wants another woman to please, that's great! If the male wants to see his woman pleased by another man, that's perfectly fine! It just means you want to give more to your partner. But let them be the one to think of/bring up the idea. It will make them feel that much more comfortable trying something new, knowing it was their idea and their personal craving.

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Moka: Being hung on a noose while having tomatoes, lettuce, and eggs thrown at me. Being called "Devil Whore" and "Devil Slut". (laughs).

SINFUL: What’s the best chemistry you’ve had on screen, where the guy made you cum hard?
Moka: It wasn't one but four guys. My first gangbang was the one I came the hardest. It was a team effort. Team work makes the dream work.

SINFUL: What’s the weirdest or creepiest thing a fan has asked for or asked you to do?
Moka: It's very difficult to creep me out, since I am into creepy things. But I guess I would say, selling my toe nail clippings was kind of odd to me.

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Moka: I am studying to become a surgeon. It's a very expensive major with a lot of schooling. Doing this career really helps me pay for school and save money for it. I hope to graduate with no debt, but we shall see if people like my work enough to keep me continuously booked/hired.

SINFUL: A guy is about to cum, where do you want it to land?
Moka: I have a creampie fetish for both my holes. But if it had to land anywhere, I would like it on my pussy, up my back, on my tits, or in my mouth so I can play with it.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Moka: I don't do daddy/daughter stuff. That's an incestual line I don't like to cross. Children are our future. Don't damage our future.

SINFUL: What does it feel like to have men and women all over the world masturbate over you?
Moka: It feels like I am doing the world a favor. One less sexually frustrated human being because of me.

SINFUL: What in store for you in the future?
Moka: In 4 years tops, I will be graduated debt free, with my doctorate. Working in a hospital saving lives, and helping people.

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Moka: You can contact me through:
Twitter: Mistress_Grey
Manyvids: Moka_Mora
MFC: MokaMora
Chaturbate: 1goodkitty

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