Oriental delight Kimberly Chi lives real life like a porn star, “ reality is just like my porn”. Her funky hair style and slamming petite body is just a few of her many desirable features.


SINFUL: Thank you for the interview, what were you doing prior to the porn industry?
Kimberly: I was working part time as an office assistant on the weekdays in Modesto, CA and I would travel out to Santa Ana as a part time dancer on the weekends.

SINFUL: What attracted you to get into the industry?
Kimberly: The experience of having some great connection with wonderful people and showing the world how I loved to be pleased as much as I love to please others, its really rejuvenating for me to please people’s fantasies.

SINFUL: What age did you lose your virginity?
Kimberly: 17 years old.

SINFUL: What were you like growing up?
Kimberly: I was a bit rebellious as I was growing up, but I was always so kind to others, but I would disobey my parents because I would always want to go out on adventures and ride bikes with my friends from dawn to night. I was very athletic. I loved to play all different types of sports. I was point guard during Jr. High. I also loved selling stuff for charities and events, I used to always go to bible study because my mom would make me, but I always would have a great time with everyone there.

SINFUL: Did you watch porn prior to being a pornstar, and what kind of porn was your favorite?
Kimberly: Yes I did! My favorites are orgy, boy girl, lesbian, gay porn, gangbang, smoke fetish, foot fetish and dominatrix.

SINFUL: You’re about to shoot your first fuck scene, what was going through your head?
Kimberly: The thoughts that were running through my mind were, "I hope I perform a great scene and I hope I do what I do best, by making sure talent cum naturally. I was a bit nervous and anxious at first, but everybody that was on set made me feel comfortable.

SINFUL: You’ve done a parody, what was that like?
Kimberly: It was my first time and it was great. I’m glad I got to work with the people on set; it’s great to work with people that truly love getting fucked. It makes it much more passionate!

SINFUL: What is it about Asian women that make them so sexy?
Kimberly: There tight little wet pussy’s.

SINFUL: You have a lot of tattoos; does that hinder you from work, or benefit you?
Kimberly: It’s a bit of both, there are some people that adore them, but there also people that want specific types of character in their films.

SINFUL: Do you ever sit back and watch yourself on screen?
Kimberly: Yes I do sometimes. I just turn myself on while I watch myself please others, its arousing to me.

SINFUL: What’s the one scene you’ve done that you would recommend our readers to watch?
Kimberly: Storage whores, that’s the parody that got nominated.

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Kimberly: Young wild and free.

SINFUL: Best thing of being a pornstar?
Kimberly: Getting all the good dee & pussy.

SINFUL: Are you a dominant or submissive person outside the film world?
Kimberly: I’m both. I love to tell someone to obey my commands as much as I love to obey other’s commands.

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a fuck scene with?
Kimberly: Asa Akira, she’s my idol, she’s does amazing performances.

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sexual position?
Kimberly: Doggy, because it gets my pussy wrapped around the cock really tight. Which gets my pussy dripping cum, and I love the warm sensation of cum dripping down my pussy.

SINFUL: How often do you masturbate?
Kimberly: Too much to count (laughs), I love pleasing myself.

SINFUL: A guy is about to blow his load, where do you want it to land?
Kimberly: My throat, lips, chest, face, and on my tummy.

SINFUL: What gets you horny, what gets you wet?
Kimberly: When a person licks their finger tips and rubs my pussy, and starts fingering my pussy, so my pussy can be nice and moist. So the cock can slip right in my wet pussy.

SINFUL: What are your turn offs?
Kimberly: When a man’s dick is soft, or when a girl is not interested in playing with other girls, but they do it for film.

SINFUL: How about a tip for the male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do anal?
Kimberly: He just slips it right in (laughs), joking. Well he can start of by asking her if she would ever do anal, and he can show her nice and slowly if she says yes. He’s going to have to get some butt plugs for his girl, so he can get her asshole all ready (smiles).

SINFUL: Now a tip for female readers, what’s the best thing you can tell them about a great blowjob?
Kimberly: As long as their mouths are filled with warm drool so they can cover their whole mouth around that cock, so that warm drool drips slowly down the cock while you slurp it all back up with your tongue and mouth. And while your tongue swirls right below his cock from left to right, while you grab his dick with both slippery wet hands, you will get him moaning and groaning for sure. I noticed that the more you pay attention to your man's needs, the more you're have him doing what you need (smiles). It’s always great to compromise, because teamwork sure does make the dream work.

SINFUL: What do you have a weakness for?
Kimberly: I have weakness for titties pussy, dick and asses.

SINFUL: What 3 things can’t you live without?
Kimberly: Sex food & shelter

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Kimberly: When someone farted.

SINFUL: Is there something you haven’t done yet on screen that you’d like to do?
Kimberly: Cook for the person I’m going to fuck.

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Kimberly: That my reality is just like my porn.

SINFUL: What’s in store for you in future?
Kimberly: My website will be launching in February, in the middle of the summer time. I will be making a mould of either my head or my pussy and ass. I will be having customized T-shirts, jackets, sweaters to sell to my fans.

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Kimberly: Twitter, Instagram or facebook... kimberlychi3.

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