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From being the Library Girl to Vixen Angel of the Year, contract star Kendra Sunderland is one amazing, talented performer with a lengthy career ahead of her in the skin industry. Currently a member of multi-award winning director Greg Lansky’s imprint, Kendra recently shot her first showcase title for, Kendra’s Obsession, which will certainly go down as one of the most critically acclaimed, erotic showcase titles of the year.


SINFUL: Congratulations on winning Vixen Angel of the Year Award and the AVN award for best boy/girl scene last January.
Kendra: Thank you! I was really honored and overwhelmed. I was on cloud nine that night.

SINFUL: Are you still a cam girl or just shooting porn now?
Kendra: I’ve really enjoyed my time shooting scenes in LA but I want to get back to camming soon. Greg is respectful. He treats me like a princess and it’s a lot of fun. I shot three scenes for Vixen and three for Black so far.

SINFUL: Will you work for and do anal?
Kendra: I’m going with the flow right now, but I might do an anal scene in the future.

SINFUL: What other directors would you like to work with?
Kendra: There are a lot of girls I’d like to shoot with, but not any other directors.

SINFUL: Congrats on your Fleshlight deal.
Kendra: That was through Greg. It comes with wining Vixen Angel of the Year. I couldn’t believe it until it happened.

SINFUL: What is the best and worst thing about being a porn star?
Kendra: Best is having a lot of fun. AVN was so great, getting to hang out and getting to know new people. The worst part is that it’s exhausting work. The days are long but enjoyable.

SINFUL: Do you masturbate often? What do you think about?
Kendra: I do. It depends on my mood but I’ve really been into threesomes lately.

SINFUL: What sexual fantasy of yours has come true since getting into porn?
Kendra: I’ve gotten to work with people that I’ve watched before and I felt that was awesome.

SINFUL: Which of your scenes are you most proud of?
Kendra: I like my showcase, Kendra’s Obsession for It was personal and intimate for me since it was about my boyfriend watching me live out all my sexual fantasies.

SINFUL: Are you a dominant or submissive person?
Kendra: I’m more submissive. I like to be told what to do.

SINFUL: If you could, would you relive your first sexual experience?
Kendra: Yes. But I would have peed afterward. If you don’t pee after sex you get a urinary infection. I wish someone had told me that.

SINFUL: What's one thing your fans would be surprised to learn about you?
Kendra: I’m afraid of dish sponges. They’re gross. I won’t ever touch one. If someone comes near me with one I will run away.

SINFUL: Have you ever used sex to get out of trouble?
Kendra: Yeah, probably with my boyfriend a few times. I’ve gotten out of arguments with blowjobs.

SINFUL: Have you had a one-night stand?
Kendra: Yes, multiple times. They’re usually not good. There’s a reason I only fuck you once.

SINFUL: Did you ever have a threesome before porn?
Kendra: Yes, I had a threesome. I’d never been tied up before getting into porn, though. I never had an orgy… well, there were a few times when we were partying and things got a little wild.

SINFUL: Ever masturbate in public?
Kendra: Yes, on a beach. In the park. In the library, obviously.

SINFUL: Where’s the hottest place you’ve had sex in your personal life?
Kendra: In a hotel room, pressed up against the window.

SINFUL: What type of men do you date?
Kendra: I go for stoners because I’m a stoner. The relationship I have now is different because my boyfriend doesn’t get jealous. It’s amazing.

SINFUL: Do you have any sexual regrets?
Kendra: Sometimes. I didn’t like the way I lost my virginity. The guy broke up with me the next day. I mostly regret opportunities that I didn’t take.

SINFUL: What does the future hold for you?
Kendra: I’m going to be doing a lot of scenes for Vixen during the year so keep an eye out. And go check out my Fleshlight!

SINFUL: Anything you’d like to say in closing to our readers?
Kendra: Support the industry! Pay for your porn! Enjoy life!

Get to know more about Kendra by following her on Twitter @kslibrarygirl and on her Instagram at therealkendrasunderland.

See Kendra performing her award-winning scenes at and

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