All natural gorgeous blonde beauty Kate England, is one not to be missed on screen. In this interview she talks first lesbian moment, first time anal, first porn scene and foursome.


SINFUL: How did you get into the porn industry?
Kate: I was currently working as an X-ray technician in a hospital. I worked way over 40 hours a week and had no life or time to spend with my dogs. I started looking for other options and around that time I was contacted by a talent scout in Miami. I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job. I drove to Miami and started my life as an adult actress!

SINFUL: What were you like in high school?
Kate: I was a straight A student and pretty popular. I was involved in many of the extra activities including head of student council and in charge of the school yearbook. I also played volleyball.

SINFUL: You’re into both guys and girls, when was the first time you were with a girl and how did that come about?
Kate: The first time was actually with my cousin’s girlfriend. My cousin had left for work and his girlfriend and I had been flirting for a while. We took advantage of finally being alone. It was a little scary at first, but a great experience that got me hooked on girls ever since.

SINFUL: At what age did you lose your virginity with a guy?
Kate: I actually lost my anal virginity first. I was with a guy and we were about to have sex, and when I saw his dick it seemed really big! I got nervous and then he suggested anal. I agreed and he definitely knew what he was doing because it was amazing!

SINFUL: Were you a wild girl after that?
Kate: After that I definitely had a lot of fun with guys in high school. I was always open to new experiences and a good time.

SINFUL: What’s the kinkiest story you have before you hit age 18?
Kate: Probably the time I was on a road trip with my family and my boyfriend. It was night time and my boyfriend and I were in the back seat. We had stopped at a store and my boyfriend and I started fooling around quietly. Then I decided to fuck him with my family still in the car. I sat on his lap and rode him and we never got caught.

SINFUL: At what age did you shoot your first porn scene, describe what you were feeling, the nerves, the set, and how it all turned out?
Kate: I was 21 when I did my first scene. It was for Reality Kings 'In the VIP'. For those that don't know this site, it is shot in a nightclub and there are many people having sex. I was pretty nervous but everyone was really nice and I ended up having a blast!

SINFUL: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry? What type of porn were you into?
Kate: I watched a lot of porn before I got into the industry. I liked watching girl on girl porn and also group sex. I'm not sure why I liked watching this kind of porn but it always turned me on!

SINFUL: Do you watch yourself fucking on screen?
Kate: I actually do not watch my scenes. I have watched a couple of my videos when I first started for constructive criticism, but now just watch the trailers to my movies.

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Kate: I am down-to-earth, have a great sense of humor, extremely outgoing and love to have a good time and try new things.

SINFUL: You’ve got the gorgeous face, hot body, what’s one time in your life you used your sex appeal to get something?
Kate: I used to be a dancer when I was in college, so I used my sex appeal every night to pay my bills!

SINFUL: What gets you wet, what gets you horny?
Kate: I get extremely turned on by lots of foreplay and teasing. I also love dirty talk.

SINFUL: What are your turn offs?
Kate: My biggest turn offs are probably hard biting and a bad kisser.

SINFUL: What’s the best sexual experience you have ever had outside of the film world?
Kate: My best sexual experience was the first time I had a foursome outside of porn. It was with my best girl friend and the two guys we were hanging out with that night.

SINFUL: Best thing about being a porn star?
Kate: The best part is definitely being able to have sex with hot people and then getting a paycheck at the end of the day!

SINFUL: Worst thing about being a porn star?
Kate: The worst part about being a porn star is how it affects your relationships outside of porn. People judge you and I lost a lot of potential relationships because I am a porn star and people don't understand the industry until they have experienced it themselves.

SINFUL: You do quite a lot of anal scenes, do you love anal and what is it you love about it?
Kate: I do love anal. I love how dirty and naughty it is and also love gaping my asshole.

SINFUL: You’ve taken some big cocks, who had the biggest and what did it feel like?
Kate: The two biggest were Danny D and Dredd. I took them both in my ass and it felt great!

SINFUL: You’ve done double penetration, does it hurt or is it pure pleasure having a cock in each whole?
Kate: It is definitely pure pleasure and I cannot wait to do it again!

SINFUL: You’ve done threesomes with another girl and threesomes with 2 guys, which do you prefer?
Kate: That is a hard one. I love having a girl involved because I love women, but I also like being taken by more than one guy.

SINFUL: On screen, is there something you haven’t done yet, that you’d like to do?
Kate: I would someday like to try double anal.

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a scene in an adult film with, tell us a male and female?
Kate: I would love to be with Mark Wahlberg because I've always had a crush on him. A female I would like to be with is Rihanna, because she is gorgeous and I feel like she would be a lot of fun.

SINFUL: For any person reading this who hasn’t seen you perform, what’s one scene they gotta watch?
Kate: One of my favorite Scenes is called Swollen for Porn Fidelity. It is definitely one you have to watch.

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sex position?
Kate: I love doggy. I just love how it feels!

SINFUL: A guy is about to cum, where do you want it to land?
Kate: My favorite place is actually in my pussy. I love cream pies, but I also love a guy to cum on my tits.

SINFUL: How about a tip for our female readers, what’s the secret to the perfect blowjob?
Kate: I don't think there is a secret. I think it's just something you have to learn how to do. Learn the sensitive spots and use your tongue a lot!

SINFUL: Now a tip for the male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do anal?
Kate: I think at first you should just play around a little bit and try using a finger to see if she likes it. If she does then you can move to a toy and then eventually your cock! If she doesn't like it, then you're probably out of luck.

SINFUL: What’s the best chemistry you’ve had on screen, where the guy made you cum hard?
Kate: That is a hard question because there are many of those! I loved working with Prince Yahshua and Damon Dice.

SINFUL: What do you have a weakness for?
Kate: Sexually my weakness is when I'm kissed at a certain spot on my neck and shoulders. If that happens then it's on! (laughs).

SINFUL: What 3 things can’t you live without?
Kate: I can't live without the beach, my doggies, or my car.

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Kate: The weirdest thing is when I did a scene outside and there were a lot of parrots around in bird cages. There was this one parrot that kept doing the 'cat call' and saying pretty boy! He did it through the whole scene and it was so hard not to laugh.

SINFUL: Take us behind the scenes, what’s it like, what happens, how does the scene start? How do you get yourself worked up?
Kate: I relax and talk with the makeup artist and then pick out my wardrobe. I start working myself up during the photos and then when my talent comes we usually play around and warm up before we start.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Kate: I have said no to a few movies because there are some things such as extreme bondage and submissive scenes that I'm just not into. I want it to be as real as possible for myself and my fans. If I'm pretending to like something it will show on camera and I want to have fun!

SINFUL: How does it feel knowing that men and women around the world masturbate over you?
Kate: It feels pretty great! It actually turns me on to think about it.

SINFUL: What’s the weirdest or creepiest thing a fan has asked for or asked you to do?
Kate: No response.

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Kate: I think they know just about everything! Hmmm... They may not know that I am scared of fish.

SINFUL: What in store for you in future?
Kate: I am in the process of starting a new site where my fans can see porn that I have thought of and shot myself!

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Kate: You can contact me on my website misskateengland.com or text me on https://www.sextpanther.com/Kate-England.

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