Interviewed by Rico Montana for SINFUL Magazine

Cam Name: Jenevieve Hexx
How Long Have You Been Camming: 1 year
Location: Witchy woman living in Sin City
Social Medias: Twitter @JenevieveHexxx, Instagram @JenHexx_x, Snapchat @JenevieveZaya,,,
Type of equipment you use: I use fairy equipment to reach webcams on other galaxy's powered by my Mac laptop.
Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: VNA live (Vicky Vett's site), Camsoda and coming soon lots of Streamate. My website will be with Pornstar Platinum now and I'll be doing weekly cam shows with their affiliate Streamate. Woo!
Average Daily Take Home Pay: I am home, so I don't take anything from the "non home" arena.
Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: Part time due to frequent porn adventures.
Biggest Tip Ever: Tip or Tipsy? [Laughs] Human dollars are abundant. Let’s leave it at that and save conversations about "the green" for the trees and other natural things.
Biggest Payout: My richness of soul and witchy kinky wonders . . . no price on that delightfulness.
Who Are Your Cam Room Heroes: Holy mother goddess . . . these questions . . . oh wait, that’s my hero . . . Mother Goddess . . . yea!
Amazon Wishlist Link:
Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wishlist: A whole series of occult encyclopedias that I wanted . . . this fan knew how to hit my G spot. [Laughs]
Most Unusual Request: Shit in my mouth while I have his ass fucked by a gang bang of men, AND to eat my cat’s shit. (my cats did not want to do it; they apparently don't care about the money).
Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: Humans saying they are going to do something just to get your time and then wasting your time . . . I'll curse your ass for that. [Laughs]
Anything You’re Known For: Wrestling, Pegging, girl/girl fucking, taking kinky off the wall requests, dominatrix.


SINFUL: Can you describe your very first time camming? Were you nervous or excited?
Jenevieve: I was drunk. [Laughs]

SINFUL: Were you shy before you started camming? Did camming help you get out of your shell and are you more confident and comfortable with your body because of camming?
Jenevieve: Well . . . ummm shy? That would be a no. [Laughs] I had been feature dancing, performing sideshow snake dancing, belly dancing and burlesque for years, and I grew up in theatre arts schools, so I've always been a camera whore. I'm an even more unbridled wild woman on stage than off. I also do a lot of fetish/tattoo modeling, so it was comfy cozy for me.

SINFUL: Does anyone (family, friends) know you cam? How do they feel about it or do you keep camming private?
Jenevieve: My life is not private at all due to the world wide web of life. No discussion takes place . . . pink elephant (with a pentagram).

SINFUL: Is it good money? How can you make a good living or at least make a good supplemental income from camming?
Jenevieve: I am abundant due to the dynamic spirit of being a magickal creatrix. Did I lose everyone here? Message me, I'll explain the cosmos over mushroom tea.

SINFUL: In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful cam girl? How can a girl develop a large following, a high ranking on a cam site, make good money, etc.?
Jenevieve: Hustle your ass off and let your wild spirit shine with debauchery and delightful dirty joy. Don't take yourself so seriously, groovy goddess gals.

SINFUL: What do you have that makes you standout, unique from other cam girls?
Jenevieve: Hmmm, I will have to ask around. Am I unique? Crazy? Enlightened? Witchy? Bewitching? Who am I?

SINFUL: What is the best and worst thing about camming?
Jenevieve: I have ZERO patience to wait around for anything unless I'm in yoga meditating.

SINFUL: What makes a good cam room follower?
Jenevieve: Dedication! Oh, how I love thee! I do love you guys immensely!

SINFUL: Is this statement true: “Cam girls are the new porn stars.” Why or why not is this statement true?
Jenevieve: I don't think there is any hard and fast rule. Things change constantly like nature herself. Next week "the new" thing will be "Dominatrix are going to be the new world order leaders" because they can dominate the masses by force. [Laughs]

SINFUL: Have you ever been nominated for any cam awards? What would be the ultimate award you’d want to win for being a cam girl?
Jenevieve: Yes indeed. Was just nominated for XBiz Cam Awards in May for "Best Inked Cam Girl" I did win some other non-cam awards though. I'm nominated now for another one . . . Woo Hoo!

SINFUL: What are your long-term goals with camming?
Jenevieve: I do indeed love fetish and porn with a fervor and I will be doing a lot of that for the beautiful fellows on cams too. I will be in front of many cameras for many production companies doing very dirty things for many, many humans . . . then I will save the planet under the guidance of the dark goddess and we will all dance naked.

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