If I needed to sum up Eden Sin in one word, it would be... STUNNING. Her looks ar eye popping, but her performances are jaw dropping.


SINFUL: So how did you get into the porn industry?
Eden: I was watching documentaries on Netflix with the couple I was dating at the time, and we came across one about porn and I immediately wanted to watch it! After discovering how simple it is to get into the industry, there wasn't much hesitation thereafter to contact an agent and leave my scantily-clad waitress gig behind.

SINFUL: Why porn? What was it about that industry that got you hooked?
Eden: I remember watching porn all the time and admiring how badass these girls were. The sexual freedom, confidence and excitement they shamelessly displayed was so appetizing to me. To me, the porn world was this place where the overly-promiscuous thrived in being themselves whereas in the civilian world, they'd have a scarlet plastered across their chest. I wanted to unleash my deviant sexuality for the world to see. That desire alone is so extremely lewd to others, which made it even more appealing on my end. I considered myself sexually-deprived prior to porn... I had loads of fantasies and fetishes I needed to be fulfilled that couldn't be met. It was difficult finding someone who craved sex the same way I did. Well you know, until I came across the industry. Bye bye sexual deprivation!

SINFUL: What were you like in high school?
Eden: My high school experiences were different, you could say. For starters, I moved around a lot growing up and attended three different high schools across the east coast. I was a bit ironic, being such a shy girl but being the captain of the cheer leading team sophomore year. Cliques weren't my thing; I had the tendency to bounce around-not really fitting into one solely. I didn't want to party or do drugs with the 'cool kids’; I didn't even want to fuck. None of it seemed appealing to me because it was all the spoiled kids of suburbia could talk about. It was like some unwritten staple that in order to be 'cool' you must do x y and z... and I had the habit of being unconventional for the thrill of it. I went against the grain by being a good girl-if you will. My shy nature was something that never left me, even down to my last high school. Though at that point, I was just ready to get the hell out of there. Funny enough, this last school was the most conservative. Everyone did their work early, crossed their legs and dotted their i's, so naturally I have my usual desire to go against the norm. And I did. Now I still had never been sent to the principal's office... but I did gain the title of 'hot new girl' among my male peers. Hmm, must've been the pink dip-dye or tight pants.

SINFUL: You got the whole package, the gorgeous face, beautiful body, you must have had guys lining up for you at school?
Eden: Thank you, that's very sweet! I may have had some admirers, but I never would've known it because I was as quiet as a mouse. I was in a relationship for the majority of high school, too. But, I do have a bunch reaching out to me now, which I find really amusing.

SINFUL: What’s one time in your life you’ve used your sex appeal to get something?
Eden: What's one time I haven't used my sex appeal to get something?

SINFUL: What’s the naughtiest thing you done before you hit 18?
Eden: Anal sex.

SINFUL: You’re about to shoot your first sex scene, what’s going through your head?
Eden: I was like a kid who couldn't wait for the first day of school. The night before, I could not sleep for eons. I kept tossing and turning and watching the porn of the company I was about to shoot for. I had seen their porn a ton of times before, it was one of my favorite sites to watch. Even more mind blowing that here I was, about to do a scene for them. It's the start of it all. The start of my career in porn. That's always how I have viewed things in porn from the very beginning to now. It was never going to be something I would get in, do a couple scenes then hightail it out. No. I want my name in lights.
So, I show up to set and I'm equally as excited when we're about to get in the swing of things. I won't ruin all the details for you guys but let’s just say I left that day feeling like it was the first day of the rest of my life. Even reminiscing on it right now is making me so incredibly happy. My life now is forever changed in the best way because I decided to just go for it. It remains one of my favorite shoots.

SINFUL: What were you doing prior to the adult industry?
Eden: I was a waitress at a couple of different 'breastaurants'. Twin Peaks style of restaurants where you're scantily clad hailing steaks and burgers to some awesome customers. I really loved being a waitress at these kind of places because aside from the great money you could make, I also met some of the coolest regulars. Most importantly, you could let your freak flag fly whether it be in the school girl uniform or lumber jack slut uniform or my favorite: lingerie day!

SINFUL: When and how did you lose your virginity?
Eden: Believe it or not, I lost my anal virginity first at 17 because I wanted to wait until I was legal to pop my cherry. I don't know why, but I wanted to wait until 18 because I figured it was right or better. I guess I was expecting the clouds to part and a giant fucking almond joy would land in my lap as my blessing for waiting. (And yes, those of you curious those are my favorite) My boyfriend at the time had no problem obliging and gave it to me good in the ass, then literally a month later pounded my pussy so great that all I could think about is why on earth had I waited till now to do this? I could've been enjoying this the whole time? I did my best to make up for lost time (smiles).

SINFUL: Do you ever sit back and watch yourself on screen?
Eden: Absolutely! I try and watch every scene I’m in as soon as it's released! It's so sexy watching yourself get fucked, seeing a position you nailed and knowing it's out there for people to see. It's all so exhilarating. It's also good to watch and see areas you can improve on.

SINFUL: What’s the biggest cock you’ve taken and what was it like for you?
Eden: 12 inches. Holy fuck it was not only huge but heavy! Yes, his actual dick was heavy. Thick, long and easy up the ass. In my pussy, not so much. Definitely felt better up my ass, but the pussy penetration became euphoric too after some de-virginizing slow strokes.

SINFUL: Does size matter to you?
Eden: It's not that much of a concern for me. I've had guys with smaller packages that get rock hard, go inside and they please me just as much as a guy with a third arm between their legs. I just love a rock hard cock. Average, small, large, just get it stiff as fuck and I’m yours.

SINFUL: What’s the one movie or scene you’ve done that you would recommend our readers to watch?
Eden: My DP with Burning Angel! It's the craziest, sexiest thing I've ever done and it's shot by a company I have always wanted to shoot for. That day was literally a bundle of wet dreams cumming true everywhere.

SINFUL: Speaking of double penetration, what’s it like to have a cock in both wholes at the same time?
Eden: It's so good!! That was my first DP I had ever done in my life, on or off camera. I knew that I would love it because I have experimented with a dildo in my pussy and another in my ass before and it's the bomb diggity. I love when both of my holes are being fucked hard and the guys are being rough with it, which is exactly what these guys did when they gave it to me! Plus, I was dressed adorably. Destroy my cute lil’ freckled face!

SINFUL: Describe yourself in one sentence?
Eden: A Hyper-sexed submissive genuine flower.

SINFUL: Best thing of being a pornstar?
Eden: I get to fuck for a living and help others get off. Oh and I get to travel the world!

SINFUL: Worst thing about being a pornstar?
Eden: It's like a secret society. I want to be more open about my xxx life. Hmm, we should make a billboard.

SINFUL: What the craziest sexual experience you’ve had outside the film world?
Eden: I didn't really consider this crazy until I talked to some friends about it and yes, it is in fact out there. I'm a submissive. It's how it's always been and I absolutely love everything about the dominant and submissive relationship that comes with that lifestyle. So, I met this awesome dom from a shoot and a week or so later we decide to meet up again and play at this dungeon. An hour or so in and I'm suspended from the ceiling being held by plastic wrap that is covering my entire body save my nose and mouth. My arms are straight down by my side and only the plastic wrap is keeping me afloat. I cannot move, I am a literal cocoon. I am not afraid; I have no reason to be. I had just met this dom and now here I am-giving enormous amounts of trust to them. Crazy right? But I had never felt so calm as I did in that moment. Then the ripping begins, the wrap comes off and enter the hitachi, then the oral, followed by two hours of amazing fuck your brains out intense sex. My ass was red, my skin tingling and my smile from ear to ear.

SINFUL: Is there a sexual fantasy you have yet to fulfill?
Eden: Public sex!

SINFUL: Who is one celebrity that you’d love to do a fuck scene with?
Eden: Dave Navarro. He's the dark lord.

SINFUL: What’s your favorite sexual position?
Eden: I love straight doggie and the piledriver! It's the dominance thing that gets me.

SINFUL: A guy is about to blow his load, where do you want it to land?
Eden: On my face is sexy. In my mouth is the most fun for me though! Either would leave me horny and happy.

SINFUL: What gets you horny, what gets you wet?
Eden: I get like Niagra falls style of drenched when I'm called a good girl while I’m fucked hard. Being spanked, spitting, choking, and having my booty caressed are all great.

SINFUL: What are your turn offs?
Eden: Arrogance derived from insecurity.

SINFUL: How about a tip for the male readers, how does a guy bring up or convince his girl to do anal?
Eden: First, I think it's important that you two are really comfortable with each other. Assure her that you will go at her pace, and you will be prepared prior to the rendezvous. Get some lubes she'll love, tell her about some easy, comfortable positions and how she can prep so she is worry free. She will feel like you really put effort into it and girlfriends appreciate effort even when it's in regards to the back-door. Most importantly, tell her how sexy it'll be watching her ass bounce back on your schlong, but in the most romantic way possible.

SINFUL: What do you have a weakness for?
Eden: Dominance, intelligence and tattoos.

SINFUL: What 3 things can’t you live without?
Eden: Oh no, not this question! Just 3? Hmm.... my unicorn hitachi, yerba mate and my glasses!

SINFUL: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Eden: I got peed on. It was awesome for me because I have a pee fetish and was begging for it. But yeah... some might consider it weird.

SINFUL: Have you ever said no to a movie?
Eden: Yes. If there is something I haven't done before ever and I'm not sure how I would react in the situation, I’d prefer to not react on camera for the first time. I just like to eliminate that risk by trying lots of things off camera first, but sometimes opportunities don't come up.

SINFUL: Is there something you haven’t done yet on screen that you’d like to do?
Eden: Yes, a gang bang or blow bang!!

SINFUL: What does it feel like to have men and women all over the world masturbate over you?
Eden: It's so fucking sexy. Like I said, I got into porn because I wanted to unleash my deviant sexuality for the world to see. I want to be in a ton of people's favorites folder, I want to see my XXX movies in their DVD collection, I want my feature showcase to be played at a slumber party after three girls are already asleep and it's just the sluts up. Too far?

SINFUL: Craziest or creepiest thing a fan has asked you to do or asked for?
Eden: Animal roleplay... acting out like I’m an animal with the tail, ears, etc. And not the cute anime- style ears and tail.

SINFUL: One thing fans don’t know about you?
Eden: I love to read and write!

SINFUL: What in store for you in future?
Eden: More sex, more fun and more Eden! What more could you want? (smiles).

SINFUL: What’s the best way for fans to contact you?
Eden: My Twitter and Snapchat are @EdenxSin
I'm also on Instagram @SinningEden
I love seeing your blogs on Tumblr, too! Mine is Ohyea-eden.tumblr.com
And if you want to call/text/sext me I'm on Sextpanther.com/Eden-Sin

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