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Bella wants you to know that despite being a porn girl, she’s a good girl, for porn that is. She’s a Christian, has morals, doesn’t have sex outside of porn, and is always striving to be the best at everything she does. She does say she’s great at sucking cock, and hopes to take a hard cock pounding as good as the other porn girls do. With a determination as strong as Bella’s, we’re sure she’ll be able to accomplish her sinful goal one day.


SINFUL: Are you currently promoting anything? Any big scenes coming up?
Bella: I just had a scene with come out that I really love! I just won a contest for a feature as an ultimate school girl fantasy. So be on the lookout for that.

SINFUL: What are some of the big films you’ve been in that you’re most proud of?
Bella: I think my best scene is again my new Passion HD scene called “Horny by the pool.” I just really felt beautiful and confident in that scene.

SINFUL: What’s the most SINFUL thing you’ve ever done in your private life, sexually speaking?
Bella: Hmmm . . . porn is pretty sinful! [Laughs] But I have had sex in the back of a pickup truck with a country boy, with blankets while someone in the front was driving it.

SINFUL: Tell me who the real Bella Rose is, the person you are off set.
Bella: The real me is a girl who has a lot of drive to move further in life every day. I can't stop at good. I must be great. I am a Christian, I love going to church. I don't hookup in my personal life outside of porn, and I have Southern morals . . .
all except porn. Not sure what happened there.

SINFUL: Before doing porn did you cam or do anything adult-related?
Bella: I started off webcamming on My Free Cams under the username Cupcakebarbie, then moved on to stripping. And then of course porn.

SINFUL: When did you realize that porn was something you wanted to do and why was porn something you wanted to do?
Bella: Um… well it was kind of a last minute, out of nowhere idea. I just kind of did it. I guess I'm crazy. [Laughs]

SINFUL: What were your goals when you first started and have you been able to check anything off so far?
Bella: To be popular pretty fast. I think I have done a decent job of that considering I don't shoot full time, only-a few times a month as I live in the Carolinas.

SINFUL: Did you have anal before coming into porn and was it a good or bad experience?
Bella: Still no booty stuff for me. Maybe one day. [Laughs] One day at a time.

SINFUL: What makes a guy a good fuck?
Bella: Hmmm, I guess when a guy is actually a good guy and is very sweet. I like good people. Good people make good sex.

SINFUL: What makes a girl a good fuck?
Bella: Being hot. It's different for girls. But she's got to be confident for sure. Not cocky though. Don't confuse that.

SINFUL: How does a male/female performer get on your yes list?
Bella: Hmmm… gotta be extra cute and again not cocky. [Laughs] Someone who is respectful and knows how to treat a woman.

SINFUL: If there’s one thing sexually you wish you did better, what would you say that is?
Bella: I guess I wished I could take cock better. Although I like pain, I see girls get pounded so hard and I'm like, “What the heck, how is she not dying”, so I just wished I could take it a bit more. But hey I try.

SINFUL: What’s your sexual specialty?
Bella: I think I can be very cute and playful and I suck dick very well.

SINFUL: How often do you have sex outside of porn?
Bella: Never.

SINFUL: Do you watch porn and what kind of porn are you into?
Bella: I watch lesbian porn for some reason. It's super hot.

SINFUL: Do you have any fetishes?
Bella: I like calling guys daddy. Guess that really isn't a fetish but, “Hi daddy!”

SINFUL: What’s the ultimate award you want to win and why?
Bella: I would like to win best sex scene, or female performer of the year one day.

SINFUL: If you had any negative experiences in the industry, how did you learn from it?
Bella: I learned some people are just shitty. Don't waste your time with that. Put them on your no list and forget it.

SINFUL: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Bella: Secretly watching my boyfriend fuck another girl when he's not supposed to (I don't have a bf but if I did).

SINFUL: What final words do you have for the SINFUL readers?
Bella: It was nice to answer some questions! Make sure to follow me on my social medias. If you like sweet/cute/ “innocent” girls you'll really like me. [Laughs]

Get to know more about Bella by following her on Twitter @xxxbellarose and on her Instagram at bellaeliserose.

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