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Is there any better job in the world than porn director? SINFUL Magazine has decided to spotlight the XXX directors our masturbatory fantasies. We believe these men and women are the visual artists behind some of today’s best porno. The perfect person to be our inaugural Director Spotlight is Greg Lansky, Chief Creative Officer for,, and The winner of virtually every major directing award over the past three years, including AVN’s Director of the Year in 2016 and 2017, his films, individual scenes and showcase titles have also won countless awards, making Greg Lansky one of the most successful adult film directors of all time. He may create hot jerk-off material, but Greg is first and foremost an artist creating the best adult content today.


SINFUL: You’ve described adult performers as artists and porn as art. Why do you feel this is an art form?
GREG LANSKY: I think the more important question is, why wouldn’t it be? In reality, I do believe adult performers are artists; I think they’re performance artists. We are indeed artists. We do a work of art that affects and touch a lot of different human beings on this planet. People will watch an adult movie in arguably the most intimate way possible—in the privacy of their own home—and are intrigued, turned on when they watch it. These can be defined as emotions. That to me is the definition of art. It makes you sad, it makes you mad, it makes you horny, whatever. If you get turned on it’s an emotion. You feel something when you watch it. People watch the performer’s work and feel something . . . that’s art. Art is what we do when we’re truly alive.

SINFUL: What inspires you to make your films the way you do?
GL: I really started my first studio out of frustration because I felt the adult industry wasn’t delivering the highest quality possible. I stepped up and said, “I can do better than what I’m doing right now.” I did try to create the highest quality possible, the highest style possible because for me, aesthetic is very important. I thought we could create an aesthetic that was close to fashion; we shot covers that had this editorial, magazine feel that have influenced me greatly in my life. Fashion has influenced me, art has influenced me, film and cinematography has been a profound influence on me and pornography has always been an enormous influence and that was what inspired me to start those brands.

SINFUL: What motivates you to work hard and keep getting better as an artist/director?
GL: I like to create original materials that inspire others to want to work with me. When I hear some great, top level girls that aspire to work with me or I’m inspiring them to do magnificent work, that’s awesome. I love creating projects like the Lana movie. Artists in the adult industry are constantly evolving. It’s super interesting and I can never get enough of it.

SINFUL: Moving forward, what big plans do you have with Tushy, Blacked and Do you have plans to add another studio, a lesbian-only studio?
GL: I’m going to launch a few girl/girl scenes on I haven’t decided if I want to create another studio or not. If I launch something it’s a big deal. I want to see if I could do some girl/girl on Vixen because I’ve done a lot of it in the past but I must have the right formula. I haven’t found the perfect storyline in how to implement it into Vixen, but I’m working on it and you’ll see some girl/girl for sure coming up on Vixen.

SINFUL: As a director, what’s the most satisfying comment you hear about your films?
GL: “Thanks for not being boring.” [Laughs] That’s what I tell my entire team and that’s what I tell everyone who I work with, “Don’t be boring.” I’d rather be wrong than boring. Being boring is my biggest fear.

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