Sexual Dysfuctions

It is very inevitable that at some point in a person’s life, he or she may be faced with the reality of not being able to satisfy his or her spouse sexually, due to a lack of desire or physical capability. This inability to exercise one’s manhood or womanhood sexually is defined as sexual dysfunction. The lack of motivation is quite noticeable when the individuals are in the act of normal sexual activities; such as foreplay, arousal or orgasm. Failure to achieve sexual satisfaction can be heart shattering for all parties involved. Several studies conducted have shown that sexual powerlessness may be due to a multiplicity of factors such as:
• Anxiety
• Aging
• Drug use and abuse
• Stress
• Infidelity
• Sexual incompatibility
• Decreased libido
• Personal hygiene
• Menopause
• Nutrition
• Taking each party for granted after being in the relationship for an extended period of time

The abovementioned list will eventually result in the following if not managed carefully:
• Premature ejaculation
• Orgasm disorders
• Sexual pain disorder (common in women)
• Erectile dysfunction
• Sexual arousal disorders
• Sexual desire disorders
• Sexual dysfunction may be temporary or permanent. However, with advancement in technology and medicine some of human’s sexual incapability can be remedied and they are able to live normal and fulfilling lives. For example, identifying stressors and effectively and efficiently manage them in order to avert a crisis, have fun, exercise, relax, meditate and practice eating healthy; are some of the many ways of forestalling sexual dysfunction in your life.

Sexual Disorders! What are they and how a person struggling with such defects can be helped?
Sexual dysfunctions inhibit confidence and decimate self esteem regardless of age, colour, gender and class. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that individuals that are affected by sexual limitations should endeavor to seek help; rather than suffer in silence. In fact, most sexual disorders while may not be curable, they are treatable. Whether you are experiencing premature ejaculation, orgasm disorder, sexual pain disorder, erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal disorder or sexual desire disorders; the answer rests with you. Taking control is by identifying that there is a problem and seeking help.

Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation occur when the male experiences and expels semen before or 30 seconds to 4 minutes into the act (sexual penetration). This can cause a tremendous amount of distress, a feeling of incompetence and not being able to satisfy the other party. However this can be addressed by doing the following:
• Start - stop and squeeze technique
• Have the female lie on top
• Masturbate a few hours before sex
• Have frequent sex
• Use very thick condoms
• Think about other things other than sex
• Longer foreplay
• Talk to your doctor

Orgasm disorders
One of the most intriguing aspects of being involved in a sexual act is to achieve orgasm. Failure to reach an orgasm during sexual stimulation can cause psychological and emotional discomfort. However, this too can be treated. For example,
• Have a positive and healthy attitude toward sex
• Educate your self on the subject
• Communicate your need
• Fondle the clitoris
• Participate in sex therapy

Sexual pain disorder (common in women)
Any difficulty experienced by an individual (very common for females) during normal sexual activity such as physical pleasure, arousal or orgasm is classified as sexual pain disorder. This can occur as a result of having partners that are too aggressive and impatient, decreased levels of the female hormones or premature lovemaking after childbirth or surgery. Nonetheless, like other sexual disorders this too can be remedied. Some of the ways to correct such discomfort are:
• Practice gentleness and exercise patience more so after a surgery or childbirth
• Seek medical advice
• Use lubricants
• Do sex therapy if the disorder is psychologically related
• Do sitz baths, they can provide some soothing
• Avoid alcohol
Sex, for many couples, either bonds their relationship or creates a wedge that gradually drives them apart. Thus, the key to preventing or averting such rift is to take responsibility. It is important that you acknowledge that there is a problem and change ones life style, view sex as something that is as healthy as play, food and sleep.

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