According to Dr. Oz, the average couple only spends 1-4 minutes on foreplay before jumping right into the penetration portion of intercourse. There is no surprise to me that these statistics would be so low considering we live in a day and age where everything is quick, on the go and instant. Somewhere through the decades, we have lost sight of what the foreplay action is really for and have substituted it with quick head and saliva to lubricate, but did you know that foreplay is what gets a woman's body ready for sex and ensures a lasting sexual experience? Let me explain…

Men are easily aroused by sight and sound and can become hard and ready to penetrate within a short span of 3 minutes. However, it takes women a bit longer to become stimulated and ready to be entered. Foreplay is a set of physical and mental acts that help ignite the desire for sex as well as help lower inhibitions in your partner to help you gain her trust. When a woman is stimulated before actually being penetrated, her vagina will produce secretions that will help lubricate the area for more movement, and her cervix will widen and recede further back towards the uterus to allow a better fit for the penis (the vagina at resting state before arousal is only abut 2.75 inches deep). If a woman experiences dryness or pain during sex, more than likely you haven't warmed her up before trying to start the race. It’s just like jumping into a car in the middle of winter and driving it without letting it warm. Chances are, your car will run slow for a few minutes and you may be causing damage to your car down the road. When you skip foreplay, you put her at risk for tearing, bleeding, pain and a rough sexual experience. More foreplay equals a wider cervix and more lubrication which encourages better and longer sex.

Here are some quick tips on how to incorporate foreplay into your sex sessions:

• If both of you are in a rush and have 20 minutes or less to get a good one in, the best form of foreplay to get her going would be clitoral stimulation. Massage the head of her clitoris with your finger or with your lips and tongue in order to stimulate arousal. If you are using your hands to massage the clitoris, use your lips to kiss her neck, lips, ears, thighs and breasts to really speed things up. There is a lot of energy and sensuality concentrated in a kiss that sends signals to her body letting her hormones know it's time to get her ready for sex.

• If you have more time and are looking for an all night session, incorporate more touching, teasing, erotic play and dirty talk into the mix. Exchange sensual rubs or massages with your partner, feed her foods that you both enjoy and that can be eaten off of each others body, and use your tongue, lips and hands to explore her. Really engage the mind and body of your woman so that it creates that deep desire for more. Foreplay should be the preview that has your partner screaming, "I WANT YOU TO ENTER ME NOW!"

There are so many methods you can use during foreplay. Get Creative! The most important thing to remember is to have fun and protect yourself and your partner during sex by using condoms. Afterall, great sex is safe sex! Enjoy!

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